George Washington Bush

I am an amazingly cute chocolate lab. My daddy is Digger and my mommy is Java. I live in Orlando, FL. I enjoy the tropics. I have a brother named Abe(he is a black lab). We fight a lot though. My humans think we fight because we are trying to be mean, but really we fight because it is how we communicate. Someday they will learn. I am not the alpha dog. That is Abe. I am beta. But, Charlie is Alpha to all of us, including Indi.

Very Fab Chocolate Lab

I Got Swag In the Bag


My Humans

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If You Like George

If you like me you should go check out my brothers website. I'll put the link on here when his site drops.

Being me is hard sometimes. My humans don't seem to understand all of my language and I don't know why.

Whenever I see my humans I run to them because I love them and I miss them and it has been a while since I have seen them. It makes me happy. :)