George Washington Bush

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About George

Being around my humans is like being able to do whatever I want. They let me have freedom as long as I don't do anything bad. I don't know what else I could ask for. Food of course is a big part of my day. I think about food a lot. It's very  good. I hope I get the opportunity to stay with these people forever. I couldn't imagine staying anywhere else. When I grow old I know they will still take care of me and love me and feed me and did I already say love me?

Well anyways, I couldn't imagine life without my humans. They are so good to me. I am so happy to be where I am. I love living in Florida too, I love the sun and the sand. There are a lot of ducks here too!!

My Favorite Games

Why I'm the Best Dog Ever

I am destined to be a great hunting dog someday. Maybe as good as my friend Caleb was.

I am a purebred chocolate lab. I come from a line of National Champion show dogs.

I enjoy lounging on my couch when I feel it is necessary. A laid back dog is a happy dog.

Tom Bush, Architect

Visit him at for all of your commercial designing needs.

He is really good at it.


Ball!!!!! I absolutely love playing ball with my man.


I also enjoy chasing my brother around the neighborhood.

 Life is my favorite game. I mean we get to eat food twice a day. We have an unlimited amount of water. And, we can relieve ourselves wherever we want. Just not inside.